Our good friends Mike and Kenny from Taylor guitars stopped by to give an insightful demonstration of the 600 Series.

Maple acoustics haven’t been known for their warm, rich tone. Until now. Andy Powers has poured his expertise into re-voicing Taylor’s maple 600s with stunning results. From specially aged tops creating a played-in sound to bracing that unleashes low-end warmth and sustain, Taylor’s 600s suit all playing styles.

Like Taylor’s 800 Series, the bracing patterns for the 600 Series have been customized to help distinguish the unique sonic personality traits of each body shape. The soundboard bracing was designed to set the top in motion easily. The back bracing was an important area of focus and is specially calibrated to suit the properties of maple. One unique design touch is that the braces don’t extend all the way to the side (except for the bigger Grand Orchestra). This helps produce more volume, projection and low-end warmth, without losing maple’s even response. The bodies also feature side braces, which provide extra rigidity that helps facilitate the movement of the top and back. Get a closer look at all of our 600 Series models in stock on our site!

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