Danelectro '59XT Dark Aqua

Check out these fresh new Danelectro products for 2018! They've announced the new '59X and '59XT Shorthorn models, the funky offset '66T and '66BT, and a new Billionaire pedal, the Cash Cow!

'59X & '59XT

These classic Shorthorn Dano's are not for the faint of heart - but if you dig the classic '59 vibes and crave modern power, this is the one for you! It's loaded with a high output single coil/P-90 style pickup in the neck and a lipstick humbucker in the bridge. The '59X boasts a hardtail bridge, while the XT, a Wilkinson tremolo. 


'59X Black
Danelectro '59X Black
'59X Cream

Danelectro '59X Cream

'59XT Dark Aqua

Danelectro '59X Aqua

'59XT Silver

Danelectro '59XT Silver



'66T & '66BT

These '66 models also boast upgraded Wilkinson tremolo bridges, and are now offered in Baritone configuration! ('66BT) The '66 is a semi-hollow design with f-hole, also loaded with a lipstick humbukcer in the bridge and a high-output single coil/P-90 in the neck. It even boasts a German top carve!

'66T 3 Tone Sunburst

Danelectro '66T 3 Tone Sunburst

'66T Black

'66T Black

'66BT Baritone 3 Tone Sunburst

Danelectro '66BT 3 Tone Sunburst


Billionaire Cash Cow

Everyone knows that even those cheapo Danelectro pedals are awesome - for only a bit more cash you can grab a Billionaire pedal - check out the new Cash Cow - a screamin' overdrive/distortion pedal with a ton of dynamic range!

Danelectro Cash Cow

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