With more and more pre-owned gear arriving each week, our Top 10 countdown must continue! This week brings us a piece of history with a 1934 Martin 000-18 and 1977 Guild acoustic. A Luxxtone El Machete Peaks at number one, sporting a very unique "Rusted Green" finish! Scroll down to view our list of our favorite guitars and basses in our inventory at the moment. From custom models to rare finds you’ve never heard of, we’ve always got something new and interesting showing up in our pre-owned guitars section! Scroll down to see our top ten picks from this week! Click the links below the photos to see full specs and info on our site!


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1. Luxxtone El Machete Rusted Green



2. 1934 Martin 000-18



3. Gibson Custom Shop True Historic 1958 Les Paul Reissue



4. Gibson Custom Shop CS-356 Semi-Hollow



5. Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Limited Edition



6. Washburn JB100 Midi Jennifer Batten Signature



7. Parker Fly Mojo



8. Hamer Studio Cherry



9. Guild F-50 Natural 1977



10. Eastwood Norma EG 521-4



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