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  • Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz & Breakdown Pedal

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Danelectro Breakdown and Eisenhower Fuzz The Music Zoo

    New Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz & Breakdown Pedals Capture Great 60s Tones!

    Danelectro has revealed a pair of pedals that are all about 60s vibe, sporting an aged look to match wall of vintage tone you get when you stomp one on! Watch the demo videos from Danelectro below to get a taste of what these boxes have to offer! Available for pre-order at the link below!

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  • New Danelectro Guitars for 2018 - '59XT , 66BT, Billionaire Cash Cow

    Posted on by Peter Mendola

    Danelectro '59XT Dark Aqua

    Check out these fresh new Danelectro products for 2018! They've announced the new '59X and '59XT Shorthorn models, the funky offset '66T and '66BT, and a new Billionaire pedal, the Cash Cow!

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  • NAMM 2017: Danelectro Releasing New Models!

    Posted on by Jordan Usatch

    NAMM 2017 Believe it or not, 2017 brings us up to 70 years of Danelectro as a company, and they’re still doing fantastic things in releasing new and inspiring guitars that fit any guitar or bass players budget. Stopping by their booth at the 2017 NAMM show gave us some insight into new models that will be coming out this year.

    The Danelectro ’84is their take on a classic “S” style electric guitar,...

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  • Video – Guitar World Demos The Danelectro ’64

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Paul Riario from Guitar World provides us with an informative demonstration of the Danelectro ’64 guitar! Danelectro has offered an impressive variety of guitars since Evets Corporation resurrected the Danelectro name in the late Nineties.

    Most of these models were inspired by various Danelectro or associated brand models (like Silvertone, Coral, etc.), although a few examples had a distinctive...

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  • Gas With Gary: Gary’s First Guitar

    Posted on by Tim Reynolds

    We all know what it feels like to have a bad case of GAS. It’s hot. It’s uncomfortable. It can be downright shameful. Luckily, we’re not talking about the kind of gas you get after wolfing down three plates of Thanksgiving dinner, we’re talking about Gear Acquisition Syndrome. What exactly is GAS? We’re glad we have Gary Blankenburg (one of The Music Zoo’s favorite people on earth) in this video...

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  • AF110: The Coral Electric Sitar

    Posted on by ZooKeeper

    coral sitar

    Editor’s Note: Longtime readers of 20th Century Guitar will recognize the nom de plume G7 and his column “Anything For $1.10”.  This infamous, hilarious, and enigmatic writer makes his return to writing about all things musical for  G7 will be a regular contributor to these pages and we are glad to have him.

    The Coral Electric Sitar by G7

    The most common guitar service problem is...

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