The Music Zoo has many favorite niches of electric guitars: vintage Juniors and Specials, single-humbucker shredders, modern fanned fret 20-string guitars with laser beams coming out of the edges…but there’s one sect of electric guitar that’s always been different from the rest that really gets us going: vintage BC Rich guitars.

Zoo owner Tommy Colletti is well known for his knowledge and admiration of these old-school yet super-futuristic guitars. When asked what got him into vintage (though, back then – they obviously weren’t ‘vintage’!), he had this anecdote to share:

“I remember one of my first encounters with a BC Rich guitar, where my old friend and first guitar teacher Bobby Marino, who mostly played an old Gibson J-45 acoustic turned up one day with a beautiful new Koa Mockingbird Supreme. It might have well had been a lightsaber, it looked so different than any guitar I’d had seen at that point…I was unbelievably fascinated, all the switches and knobs just added to its allure. Not long after visiting the now infamous 48th street and Guitar Row in New York City I recall being blown away by the other shapes like the Eagle and the Bich. It was love at that point, and I will forever be a fan.  Then just add Joe Perry and Neil Geraldo to the list of players who I loved that started to use them and I just needed to have one. They also played faster and easier than anything else I had played up to that point…I just love ‘em.”

Enjoy below a photo gallery of three awesome pieces from Tommys personal collection as well as a video with our good friend Gary Blankenberg giving us some great insight on the Double Neck Bich!


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BC Rich Mockingbird


BC Rich Eagle


BC Rich Bich Double Neck

The Double-Neck Bich's control cavity...

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