Used 1980 Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck Electric Guitar Walnut
You can't ever go wrong with breaking out a doubleneck Gibson EDS-1275. We'll even forgive you for playing Stairway or Hotel California. This is a vintage 1980 Gibson EDS-1275 in...

$ 3,899.00

Used 1979 Guild D-40 Acoustic Guitar Natural
A classic Dreadnought model from Guild that came out of the 1970's with excellent American-made construction, this is a vintage D-40 model built around 1979 with a natural finish. The...

$ 1,299.00

Used 1968 Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
A pre-owned and repaired Martin D-28 at an affordable price for the player who needs a dependable, well-made Dreadnought. This guitar has a repaired center seam crack as well as...

$ 7,299.00

Used 1970's Gibson Howard Roberts Custom Electric Guitar Sunburst
This is a pre-owned Gibson Howard Roberts Custom archtop guitar in excellent condition, made in the early 1970s between '71 and '73 with a Sunburst finish over a laminated maple...

$ 3,799.00

1973 Hiwatt DR103 100 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head and SE4123 4x12" Fane-Loaded Speaker Cabinet
Perhaps one of, if not the Holy Grail of 1970's British guitar amplifiers: this is a 1973 Hiwatt DR103 100-watt head paired with a Hiwatt SE4123 4x12" cabinet with Fane...

$ 5,499.00

Used 1977 B.C. Rich Eagle Electric Guitar Natural
You know we love us a good vintage B.C. Rich at the Zoo, and when we received this 1977 Eagle in the store, it sure didn't disappoint. This Eagle is...

$ 4,499.00

Used 1950 Gibson Super 400 Archtop Guitar Sunburst
Used 1950 Gibson Super 400 Archtop Guitar Sunburst
The Gibson Super 400 is the definition of a showstopper instrument. From its booming body width of 18 inches, luxurious appointments such as the "Super 400" engraved gold tailpiece, multi-ply...

$ 10,999.00 $ 8,499.00

Used 1960 Goya Model 80 Electric Guitar Blue Sparkle
Used 1960 Goya Model 80 Electric Guitar Blue Sparkle
Talk about a retro vibe! This is a used and hard to come by Goya Model 80, built in 1960. This blue sparkle-finished guitar was built in Sweden by Hagstrom...

$ 2,150.00 $ 1,999.00

Used 1976 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail Electric Guitar Black
Who doesn't love a cool vintage Strat? Especially one with a big ol' 70's headstock and a naturally relic'd Black finish over an alder body. The guitar has a maple...

$ 2,899.00

Used 1965 Fender Jazz Bass Electric Bass Guitar Refinished Black
Talk about vibe! This is a vintage 1965 Fender J Bass that's been refinished in black with a rosewood fretboard. The bass has had the headstock refinished and no longer...

$ 6,499.00

Used 1981 Fender Lead I Electric Guitar Red
One of the most underrated Fender designs if you ask us! This is a vintage 1981 Fender Lead I guitar in a red finish over an ash body. You couldn't...

$ 599.00

Used 1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Silver
A very cool vintage 1980's Les Paul Custom with a Glam Rock-tastic Silver finish! This is a Custom built in 1982, with some honest players wear around that body that...

$ 3,199.00

Used 1987 Jackson Soloist Electric Guitar Purple
Used 1987 Jackson Soloist Electric Guitar Purple
This shredder is a vintage 1987 Jackson Soloist with a purple finish, a fast playing maple neck with rosewood fretboard, Floyd Rose tremolo, and a Hum/Single/Single pickup configuration with on/off...

$ 1,199.00 $ 999.00

Used 1983 Charvel San Dimas Electric Guitar Transparent Red
Here is a very cool vintage Charvel from 1983. This San-Dimas-built guitar features a birdseye maple body, maple neck, rosewood board and pointed headstock. The guitar had a Kahler installed...

$ 1,799.00

Used Mosrite Celebrity Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Orange
Used Mosrite Celebrity Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Orange
This vibey guitar is a vintage Mosrite Celebrity semi-hollow model, made with laminated maple for the body with a bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard, small size frets and comfortable...

$ 1,600.00 $ 1,250.00

Used Mosrite Combo Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Sunburst
Used Mosrite Combo Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Sunburst
Welcome to Surf Rock heaven. Here is a vintage Mosrite Combo model in a sunburst finish over a maple body with a bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard. The Combo...

$ 2,600.00 $ 2,150.00

Used Steve Miller Collection Gibson 1976 Les Paul Recording Electric Guitar White
When your professional career in Rock and Roll spans over forty years, you can imagine that one might accumulate a lot of guitars. When it comes to music legend Steve...

$ 6,000.00

Used 1967 Rickenbacker 325 Electric Guitar Fireglo
The Rickenbacker 325 was made world famous by Beatles frontman John Lennon in their 1964 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. While his model was a pre-production prototype with a...

$ 8,999.00

Vintage 1960's Gibson SG Hardshell Case
This case is just right for your Gibson SG! Featuring a Black tolex exterior, a Red plush interior, and an accessories pocket this case is just right for all players...

$ 1,199.00

Silvertone Vintage Archtop Hardshell Case Grey/White
Here's a rare case from circa the 1950's through 1960's from Silvertone. Meant for their Espanada model but will fit many other archtops with a 17" body width. The case...

$ 449.00

Used 1960s Silvertone 1457 Guitar & Amp-In-Case Set
These are always fun sets to run into, a great look into the mail-order guitar business and department store finds of the past! A Silvertone 1457 Guitar and Amp-in-Case Set!...

$ 849.00

Used 1968 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom Electric Guitar Cherry Sunburst
Used 1968 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom Electric Guitar Cherry Sunburst
Here's a piece that we were excited to receive in! A vintage Barney Kessel Custom guitar in a cherry sunburst finish, built in 1968. The Kessel Custom is a beautiful...

$ 4,499.00 $ 3,399.00

Used 1980 Dean Cadillac Electric Guitar Black
This is a super cool vintage Dean Cadillac in a black finish with some unique custom options that were ordered with the guitar to make it even more hot-rodded than...

$ 2,999.00

1961 Fender Esquire Electric Guitar Body-Only Refin Vintage White
This is a vintage 1961 Fender Esquire with a rosewood fretboard and a great looking Vintage White finish. The body has gone through a refinishing job, with new paint being...

$ 6,999.00

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