Seymour Duncan True VIntage

Seymour Duncan has made it their duty to supply guitarists with the natural, organic, and hollow sound that is a vintage tone. With a broad selection to choose from, Seymour Duncan sought to cater to as many styles and guitar-applications as possible while maintaining their respective vintage-qualities. This group of exceptional pickups are the SH-55 Seth Lover Humbucker, Zephyr, and ’59 Model.

sh55 seymour duncan humbuckerThe  SH-55 is a collaboration between Seymour W. Duncan and Seth Lover himself, it’s an authentic recreation of the P.A.F. with the same nickel silver cover and long-legged nickel silver bottom plate, butyrate plastic bobbins, plain enamel wire, Alnico 2 bar magnet, maple spacer and black paper tape. It’s even made on the same Leesona pickup winder that used to make the originals in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the 50s.

zephyr seymour duncan humbuckerSeymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Pickups give you everything you love about electric guitar, but more: richer tone, more explosive dynamics, more responsive touch, a deliciously dense but wide-open sound. They utilize a suite of features which are each availableindividually from the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, but put them all together and you have something very unique. These features include silver wire coils, nickel and stainless steel bi-metallic pole pieces, glass fiberfill nylon bobbins and cryogenic treatment. The end result is a pickup with uniquely fast transients, wider but smooth frequency response, deeply rich harmonics, and unprecedented midrange tone density. You’ll notice gains in string detail, articulation, dynamic sensitivity and overall definition.

SH-1_TB-59The ’59 (in SH-1 standard humbucker and TB-1 Trembucker versions) is a late 50s-style, vintage-correct humbucker which gives you clear, deep clean tones, full-bodied crunchy distortions, singing neck lead tones and a punchy, detailed single coil sound in split mode (should you get a four-conductor-wire version). It comes stock with classic appointments such as plain enamel wire, long legged bottom plate, vintage single conductor cable and no logo, but is wax-potted to keep microphonic feedback at bay.

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