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  • NAMM 2016: $85k One-Piece Sauvage Guitar!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant


    NAMM2016If you’ve got a spare $85k to spend, we’ve got just the piece of gear for you! We heard about the Sauvage Guitar shortly before NAMM, and couldn’t wait to see it in-person; a one-piece guitar crafted from a selected piece of ash olive burl, a very special wood that deserves unique treatment. To get the best from this outstanding wood, the “One-Piece Master” is carved out in one single...

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  • NAMM 2016: Relish Guitars

    Posted on by Pete Gerontakos

    NAMM2016   We were floored last year when we first stopped by to check out Relish Guitars from Switzerland. Known for their revolution of sound, this is one brand to keep an eye on in 2016 and they’re officially heading to The Music Zoo!

    Flame Bordeaux



    Cherry Jane 


    Contact our sales staff at or call 516-626-9292 to pre-order!

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  • NAMM 2016: Fender Unveils The Music Repeater Telecaster Masterbuilt By Yuriy Shishkov

    Posted on by Pete Gerontakos


    NAMM2016 Fender Custom Shop has unveiled the Music Repeater Tele, another glorious build from one of Fenders most talented Masterbuilders. The guitar is inlaid with over 1000 diamonds, 38 sapphires and 325 pearls!

    The mastermind behind this remarkable build is none other than Custom Shop Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov, who brought us the Fender Custom Shop Pine Cone Stratocaster last year. Here...

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  • NAMM 2016: TheGigRig AutoPot MIDI Controlled Pot Turner

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    NAMM2016 Something we’ve all dreamed of, but never imagined would become reality has finally surfaced. The GigRig AutoPot gives you the ability to adjust pedals on the fly using a MIDI controller!


    Imagine being able to set your old Phase 90 with different speed settings or your favourite overdrive pedal with different amounts of gain and volume, all as presets. I’ve thought about this for many years. How to get control over the knobs on your analog pedals, and how to do it easily, with no complicated devaluing modding to the pedal itself. I’m delighted to announce TheGigRig AutoPot is the answer to this question.

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  • NAMM 2016: Mesa Boogie Reveals New John Petrucci JP-2c Signature Amplifier

    Posted on by Walter Bryant


    NAMM2016  It’s safe to say that after all of these years, John Petrucci’s name has pretty much become synonymous with the Mesa Boogie brand, having used Mesa’s Mark series and TriAxis amps for most of his career. Well, after many years, Mesa has revealed their first signature amplifier with Mr. Petrucci called the JP-2C! Read the spec-list on this amp below!



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  • David Bowie Tribute Concert Ticket Giveaway

    Posted on by Walter Bryant


    Late Sunday night, news broke that David Bowie had passed away after an 18-month bout with cancer. To title him with the profession of musician wouldn’t do Bowie the slightest justice, as over the course of his career he was so much more; producer, artist, actor, and cultural icon.

    Bowie’s music was as forward thinking and progressive as could be. Dance, Soul, Rock and Roll, Blues, Electronic,...

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