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  • Lowden & Ed Sheeran Unveil New "Sheeran by Lowden" Acoustic Guitars

    Posted on by Peter Mendola

    Lowden Ed Sheeran

    "Ed Sheeran by Lowden"- a new line of acoustic guitars based on the original Wee Lowden & S Models

    Fresh news from NAMM 2019 - Ed Sheeran has again teamed up with legendary Irish guitarmaker Lowden to bring a new signature acoustic guitar series to the masses! The lineup includes the "S Series", based on a Lowden S model, and the  "W Series" - inspired by the Wee Lowden series that was originally created for Sheeran.

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  • Lowden Guitars Tiger Myrtle Winter 2018 Limited Edition Acoustics Unveiled!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Lowden Limited Edition Tiger Myrtle Acoustics - The Music Zoo

    Limited Edition Rarefied Tiger Myrtle Acoustics

    Lowden Guitars is introducing their new Winter 2018 limited edition collection; a limited edition run of 25 Tiger Myrtle guitars. The rarefied tonewood will be paired with a Sitka Spruce soundboard for a bright and clear tone while maintaining a low-end warmth. Available in a variety of models taken from both the 35 and 50 Series, each guitar will feature a unique array of options. Each of the 25 models will come with matched Tiger Myrtle headfacings and bound and inlayed with maple and ebony, unique to this collection. Pre-order yours today from The Music Zoo! 

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  • The Music Zoo Is An Authorized Lowden Guitars Dealer!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    We’re pleased to have become dealers for Lowden Acoustic guitars!These high-quality instruments are some of the best acoustics we’ve played, and we’re very honored to now have them in-stock. “Curvy, smooth soundbox shapes combined with carefully voiced internal bracing and soundbox profiles, and use of natural wood decorations with our unique hand rubbed satin finish all combine to make the...

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