The Music Zoo Meets John Mayer 2019

The Music Zoo Meets John Mayer NAMM 2019

John Mayer Makes a Special Appearance for PRS at NAMM 2019!

There was a buzz in there air on Friday at NAMM, as we got word that as PRS Signature dealers, we would be able to attend a short presentation by John Mayer in the PRS display room. We made our way in, and soon after the room was packed to hear the man behind the excellent Silver Sky guitar speak. John came out with Paul Smith to introduce the new colors, and gave an inspiring talk about keeping the electric guitar as modern as possible - just as we look to see cars, watches and sneakers be a contemporary forward-thinking industry we need to see guitars as that way as well - and we couldn't agree more!

New PRS SE Paul's Guitar and SE Tonare's are Excellent!

We also got our hands on the new SE Paul's Guitar and Tonare acoustic-electric models...and they feel fantastic. Paul's Guitar has a baseball bat neck that gave you a great grip to go along with the electronics, and the Tonare's have unbelievably nice exotic woods, and ring out like bells.

All New PRS 2019 Guitars Available at The Music Zoo

You can be sure that all four new colors of the Silver Sky (Moc Sand, Orion Green, Golden Mesa, and Dodgem Blue) will be available at The Music Zoo, along with any and all other new for 2019 PRS instruments!

Click here to view pictures of gear from the PRS booth!

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