Not too long ago we told you about Joe Bonamassa’s visit to our store during his 2016 US tour (read the blog here), where he put together a Gibson Custom Les Paul right in our Made 2 Measure room before his show at Westbury Theatre. This process involved carefully spec’ing out a replica of his original “Snakebite” Les Paul, matching everything from the top wood, color, and aging, to the hardware and neck size. Watch the entire process step-by-step in the in-depth video above, also demonstrating what you can do to build your own Made 2 Measure Gibson model from start to finish.

You’ll all have the opportunity to bid on this 1 of 1 guitar spec’d out by Joe, of which all of the proceeds will be given to charity! To keep up to date with information on this auction, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page! In the meantime, watch the informative video we put together, and start thinking about building your own Made 2 Measure today!

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