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What happens when one of the biggest bands in modern metal announces a show at an intimate venue like Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY? You pull whatever card you can to get in there, because it literally sells out in seconds! Lucky for us, Gojira’s Joe Duplantier and Christian Andreu have been rocking guitars from Charvel and Jackson, respectively, and that seemed like reason enough to beg them to let us in.

Prior to the show, we had to opportunity to meet the band (who were absolute gentlemen by the way!), and lucky for you – we’re giving away Christian’s signature Jackson RRXT signed by the entire band. Our next stop was stage left, where we were greeted to Christian’s wall of EVH Amps and a few hundred die-hard fans!

There’s really no way to describe what kind of night it was (we’ll let the pictures and Youtube clips do the talking)…From the opening riff of “Toxic Garbage Island” to a the much needed night cap of “Explosia”, Gojira brought their best on a day that weighed especially heavy on their hearts due to the tragic events in Nice, France. Thanks to our friends at EVH, Charvel, Jackson, Saint Vitus Bar – and especially to the band for a night we’ll never forget!

Enter to win the Jackson Guitars Christian Andreu Signature RRXT signed by the band here:


Pick up Gojira’s latest masterpiece “Magma” here:  http://store.gojira-music.com/


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Gojira (2 of 6)

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Gojira 2 (1 of 2)


Photos by: Pete Gerontakos

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