Delay & Echo At The Music Zoo

A classic effect if there ever was one! Everyone remembers their first time plugging into a delay pedal and letting the repeats fill out the sonic space. From simple analog delays to complex digital units, The Music Zoo has your pedal needs covered. 

Delay, Echo, Reverb effects are often referred to as "time-based" effects. Delay pedals literally add a "delay" to the guitar signal which produces duplicate notes or an echo-like effect. Reverb pedals work in a similar fashion, except they create a large number of echos that fade away at a rate set by the pedal, to create a "hallway" or "cathedral-like effect. The effect is not only used for electric guitar, but for studio processing as well, to add depth and ambiance.

We stock classics such as the Line 6 DL4, MXR Carbon Copy, Boss RV-6, TC Electronic Flashback, and new exciting effects from EarthQuaker Devices and many others

Buy your next delay, echo, or reverb pedal online at The Music Zoo or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we're an authorized dealer for all of your favorite brands!