Overdrive & Distortion At The Music Zoo

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The Music Zoo makes it easy to find your next guitar pedal! Our selection of overdrive, boost, fuzz, and distortion pedals is vast and we're always here to help you decide what will work best on your board.

A large cross-section of the guitar effect market is dedicated to pedals that give your clean amp everything from just a little more attitude to a complete transformation into a high gain beast. Overdrive and boost pedals help push the front end of your amp and add grit or simply more "clean" volume. These pedals can be useful if you have lower output pickups or a lower gain amp, and need to get distortion at lower volumes. Distortion and fuzz pedals operate in the same general sense but add much more gain and usually add specific tonal colors to your sound. Distortion pedals typically find there way into metal genres, while Fuzz effects have found more of a home with musicians who play alternative rock, punk, or music that doesn't require the tight response that distortion pedals usually produce.

These pedals can also be used in front of an already overdriven amp, if you're looking for a tighter sound, or if you really want to crank up the heat and harmonics! And if you can't quite swing that dream amp, many pedals offer an "amp-in-a-box" type of set-up, and are designed to emulate the sounds of said classic amps through your simple clean amp. And of course, since you really want to make sure you bury your rhythm guitarist when you start shredding that solo, you can use a boost pedal to increase your presence, stage volume, and sustain!

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