When you think of the Gibson ES-335, I’m sure there are several guitarists you can instantly associate with it. Well, Gibson recently compiled the “Top 10 ES-335 Heroes” to glorify the best to ever rock the legendary semi-hollow body. Read the introduction  from below!


The Gibson ES-335 made its debut in 1958 and immediately began making history. As the first thin-line, semi-hollowbody guitar in production, it gave players interested in exploring the warmer tones of hollow-body guitars and the joy and power of loud amplification a license to kill on stage and in the studio. And they took it. Almost immediately Chuck Berry, B.B. King and a host of other hard-working musicians began brandishing the ES-335, and, later, its sisters, the ES-345, which one-upped the ES-335 with the E.Q.-savvy Vari-Tone switch, and the ES-355, which flashed up the ES-345 with gold hardware and other appealing trimmings.

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