The team over at B&G Guitars has been crafting more than their fair share of classy and beautiful instruments this year, inspired by classic designs with a truly unique modern flare. They are fan favorites here at The Music Zoo too!

B&G Guitars has just released a very cool behind the scenes video - you can step inside their workshop and see where the magic happens! Check it out! Since they are all hand-made in Israel, they've got nothing to hide.

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New Step Sister Model:

The newest B&G model, the Step Sister, will also be making it's rounds very soon! Check out this video below of the Step Sister in action! Want one? Contact us today! 516-626-9292 //

B&G says: The Step Sister is the mean girl in the family. Based on the Little Sister design, it features a longer neck with 22 frets, a fret-16 neck joint, and a solid headstock with Waverly tuners. The hardware is nickel-plated brass.

The heel is designed for fast and easy access all the way up to the 22nd fret. A vicious rock machine.
The Step Sister is also available in a solid body version, to make mean even meaner.

Everything else, including the wood types and different finish options, is just the same as the classic Little Sister.





New Kikbucker Hum Cancelling P-90s

Along with the introduction of the new Step Sister, B&G is also introducing the new Kikbucker pickups - their version of a hum-cancelling P-90. They are available now on all new orders, and soon you'll be able to purchase them separately - they are designed to retrofit with any P-90 loaded guitar! Check out this beautifully solemn and emotional video demo below of the new Kikbuckers! They do have a mean streak too, don't worry!



Big Sister Basses

Last but not least, don't forget to check out the Big Sister bass! B&G only builds several of these a year, and we currently have a happy trio in stock!

B&G Big Sister Bass

Don't hesitiate to contact our sales team if you have any questions about B&G, or need to make one yours today! 516-626-9292 //

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