Here is the fifth episode of the Chop n' Shred series with Chef Brian Tsao, and the season finale as well! In this episode, Chef Brian goes over how he uses his beloved Line 6 Helix at home to achieve the most brutal and heavy-hitting Metal tones without ever having to plug into a 4x12" cabinet, or any speaker for that matter!

In closing Season 1, let us know what you'd like to see in Season 2! Whether it be a certain piece of gear, or you'd really like to learn a new cooking skill, we want to hear from you!

"Chop & Shred combines the two greatest passions in my life in a format I can share with the world. With the power of social media, the individual is more empowered to control the path they walk more than ever before. Chop & Shred embodies the idea of no limitations and a 'don't overthink it - just go for it' attitude. It's a blast for me to produce and I hope everyone enjoys the journey with me!"

- Chef Brian Tsao

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