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The Taylor Crelicam African Ebony Slide is great for both acoustic and electric players!

Bob Taylor's efforts to create more sustainable ebony sourcing environments have not gone unnoticed, and this slide is a nice tribute, and a unique piece of gear too! Watch the video below as our talented sales associate, Nate, gives us a brief review on the slide, demoing it on both acoustic and electric guitar!

The Taylor Crelicam African Ebony Slide is lightweight, warm, and forgiving.

These African Ebony slides are a bit different than your typical glass or metal slides. They are softer, with a natural damping factor and a less shrill high end. They also don't slip as easily, are very lightweight, and are warm and forgiving, so you don't need to be a slide pro to enjoy these! 

Taylor Guitars Ebony Project And History of the Tonewood

In 2011, Taylor Guitars became the co-owner of an ebony sawmill in the African country of Cameroon. Ebony has long been one of the most desirable tonewoods among makers of stringed musical instruments, tracing all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Its density, durability, and dark color uniquely suit it for fingerboards on guitar and violin-family instruments. It’s also used for piano keys, pool cues, and smaller artisanal sculptures. 

More than ever before, forests that contain Ebony trees are at risk due to a range of factors, including rising global consumption patterns, land conversion for large farms and plantations to feed export markets, and too often, a lack of good governance. As a result, Taylor is striving to become more directly involved in the sourcing of many of the tonewoods they use. Taylor's ebony project attempts to educate people more about the lives and families you are supporting when you buy an Ebony Taylor product, along with Taylor’s efforts to cultivate a more sustainable future in Cameroon through a scalable replanting program.

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