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Playing Mantis and KNOB JAWN Pedals

For NAMM 2019, Fuzzrocious has announced two new pedals to their line: the Playing Mantis and all-caps excited KNOB JAWN! If you're a fan of Fuzzrocious, you know that the company offers their unique spin on guitar and bass tone. Both are pedals that can go from usable and utility to full on freak-out modes!

Fuzzrocious Playing Mantis Clean Boost and Drive

Essentially two pedals in one, the Playing Mantis is a natural soundidng clean boost that can be thrown into drive and distortion tones via a three-way toggle switch, along with a noise oscillator with 4 toggles, 3 pots, and an expression out to get SUPER freaky. The first 50 units will be etched by Handsome Beard Etching. All units after the first 50 will be screenprinted.

Octave Jawn

Fuzzrocious KNOB JAWN Digital/Analog Octave

KNOB JAWN is the first pedal that we know of on the market that offers BOTH analog AND digital octaving! The big knob allows you to solo or mix analog, monophonic, dirty octave up with digital, polyphonic, clean octave up and/or down. The left footswitch allows the user to jump to the opposite throw of the digital octave up/down pot (ex - if you're set to full octave up, you can hold down the left FS to jump to full octave down...release the switch to jump back to octave up).

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