Under a hot July sun, the line of fans wrapped around the block, some holding their guitars, patiently waiting their turn to come inside and say hello.  For those who had come to The Music Zoo for the ESP Sales Event that day, the phrase “guitar hero” means something much more than the name of a video game.  There are still real, live guitar heroes in our midst and one of the true legends, George Lynch, was inside our store signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.  Follow the jump for the exclusive video interview and pictures.

Despite George’s calm and laid-back demeanor, there was a palpable energy among everyone there that reminded us what happens when a real rock star is in the room.   One by one, fans came in and met George, got an autographed photo, or for some folks who were thinking ahead, had George sign their guitars.  It was interesting to note the diversity of the crowd of people who were there to meet him – they weren’t all 40-somethings who grew up with Dokken in the ’80s –  there were people from all walks of life and age groups, even little kids standing there with their mom, holding their guitars.  We had a hugely good time putting on this event and having the opportunity to have George in the store, and we would like to thank both him and ESP Guitars for giving us their time and efforts.

While George was at the store, The Music Zoo’s owner Tommy Colletti sat down with him and talked with him about how he got his start in music and about the new guitars that George is building completely by hand.

It wouldn’t be a true Music Zoo event without a cool giveaway!  Arnold Pinkhasov (pictured) won this sweet ESP GL200MT, autographed of course.  Again, thanks so much to George, ESP, and last but not least all the George Lynch and ESP Guitars fans who came out to the store!

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