Jim Kelley makes some awesome amplifiers to say the least, and with a pedigree like there’s, it really no surprise. Furthermore, what better way to showcase an awesome amplifier, but with an equally awesome player. A player of Jim Kelley amps for many years, Joe Bonamassa stands behind the Suhr Jim Kelley lineup for it’s organic sound and superior build-quality. Watch the video above for a demonstration of the Jim Kelley Amp’s admirable abilities!

The Jim Kelley™ Amplifiers Single Channel Reverb Combo is a 60 watt all-tube amplifier designed to retain your guitar’s natural tonal characteristics. It delivers a broad range of punchy, high powered clean and smooth dynamic overdrive tones. The Single Channel model features a versatile pre-amp/power amp circuit, active shelving tone controls, four 6V6 output tubes and reverb.

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