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  • Keeley Electronics DDR Drive Delay Reverb Pedal Announced!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Keeley Electronics DDR Drive Delay Reverb The Music Zoo

    The DDR combines the most common guitar effects–DRIVE and WET–into one pedal.

    The new DDR pedal from Keeley Electronics lets you choose between two classic overdrives and then pour on some delay or reverb. One pedal, any gig.

    The DRIVE section gives you two styles of overdrive to choose from: Crunch or Lead.  The Crunch Style gives you a gritty British tube-amp combo sound.  The Lead Style gives you a warm and dark, mid-pushed overdrive.  The WET side of the pedal gives you Delays and Reverbs.  A Vintage/Modern Switch allows you to toggle between Spring & Plate reverb or Analog & Digital delay.  Use the built-in effects loop to insert effects between Drive and Wet, or run it by itself as the only pedal you’ll need!

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  • Keeley Limited Edition X Pedals Announced!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Keeley Limited Edition X Series - The Music Zoo

    Ten Keeley Limited Edition X-Series Stompboxes

    Keeley is starting the year off right, as they announce the release of ten all-new limited edition X-Series pedals! The assortment includes overdrives, echos, reverbs and more, and are limited to just 30 of each pedal! They also feature a refreshing "prototype" look!  Scroll below for a sneak-peak at what the series has to offer!

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  • NAMM 2018: Keeley Germanium Super Phat Mod Reissue Overdrive Pedal!

    Posted on by Peter Mendola

    Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: New for 2018 - Keeley Electronics has announced a reissue of the cool Super Phat Mod Germanium Overdrive! Available at the Music Zoo! Gearheads were banging down Keeley's door for another run of these pedals, and they delivered! The reissue is exactly the same as the original - so we know you'll dig it!

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