Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings

Our good friends over at Martin have just introduced the new Authentic Series Acoustic and Darco guitar strings. Already one of the top string-makers in the world, Martin has elevated their strings to the next level! We've already received several of these new sets, head to our website to check them out by clicking the button below!

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Authentic Acoustic Strings

The new Authentic Acoustic strings are available in 3 different and equally impressive permutations, each with a specific purpose, but they still will all sound great on any guitar you please! Each are available in 80/20 Bronze and 92/8 Phosphor Bronze, while the Marquis Silked and SP sets are also available as Silk & Steels


Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0

The new Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 strings are crafted using a new proprietary Martin technology, designed to protect both the core and wrap of a string to prevent corrosion, without compromising tone. Martin has invested over 2 years into the development of these strings - one strum and we think you'll agree they were worth the wait!

Martin Lifespan 2.0

Authentic Acoustic Marquis Silked

The new Marquis Silked strings are an especially perfect match for a valuable instrument, as they are designed with a special silk coating near the ball ends which offers extra protection for your bridge and bridge plate.

Martin Marquis Silked

Authentic Acoustic SP

The new Martin SP strings are designed for the busy performer. They stand up to plenty of abuse, from long hours of practice to a heavy handed strum 5 nights a week. These strings use a new high-strength core wire with tin plating for added corrosion resistance.

Martin SP

Darco Strings

The Martin Darco strings are their value-packed offerings - they may not have fancy coatings or special alloys, but a Martin string is still a Martin string! Grab yourself a bundle today and you'll save big!

Martin Darco

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