The New HT7 in Satin Red with a Roasted Flame Maple Neck

Check out this guitar play through video of the new Periphery song "Blood Eagle" off their new record, featuring a great friend of The Music Zoo - Misha Mansoor! The tone in this song is just brutal, listen to how the Bare Knuckle Ragnarok pickups really keep the low end of the 7-string tight and in control even with all of the gain dialed in.

Signature Juggernauts and Invective Amps Available at The Music Zoo!

We're hoping to hear some of the great guitars and amps Misha has acquired from us on the new Periphery record! In the meantime, you can get some of his own excellent signature gear right here at the Zoo, including all versions of the Jackson Juggernaut, Bare Knuckle Juggernaut and Ragnarok humbuckers, and the Peavey Invective amp - all built like tanks that are ready to record and play on stage right out of the box.

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