NAMM2016 If you’ve got a spare $85k to spend, we’ve got just the piece of gear for you! We heard about the Sauvage Guitar shortly before NAMM, and couldn’t wait to see it in-person; a one-piece guitar crafted from a selected piece of ash olive burl, a very special wood that deserves unique treatment. To get the best from this outstanding wood, the “One-Piece Master” is carved out in one single piece. The uncompromising construction method has been pushed to its limits with a “through body” fingerboard that literally becomes the soundboard of the instrument. The concave body and soundboard of the “One-Piece Master” create a reverberation chamber that gives the instrument unequaled sustain and a unique resonance.

Olive ash burl is a relatively lightweight wood, and sonically it delivers a very pleasing balance of brightness and warmth. The flamed maple wood of the “through body” fingerboard is prized for its bright tone and great sustain.

The neck is reinforced with 4 titanium rods ensuring neck stability and superior playing comfort. The titanium is lighter, stronger and resonates better than a classic steel truss rod for richer tones across the frequency spectrum.

The “One-Piece Master” breaks with convention at every step of the construction process: the neck angle has never been seen before on a one-piece instrument, making the “One-Piece Master” an astonishing engineering achievement.

It’s no understatement to call the first Sauvage Guitars’ instrument a masterpiece.

See photos and specs of this super-guitar below!

visuel4 visuel5 visuel6 visuel7

Body features:

100+ year old olive ash burl wood

More than 35 years of drying

Moisture content down to 7%

One-piece construction

First one-piece guitar featuring a neck angle

Concave body construction with reverberation chamber

Strings through body

Neck features:

Flamed maple

“Through body” fingerboard / soundboard

Scale length: 24’75”

Radius: 12″

Frets: 21

Width at nut: 43mm

Neck profile: standard thin

Hardware features:

Mammoth fossil horn nut

Bridge shaped from solid Damascuss steel billet

Photo-luminescent Cristallium® plate

Open gear Kluson tuner with custom buttons shaped from solid fortal

Knobs silver plated, shaped from solid fortal

Etched “Sauvage” logo silver plated

Electronics features:

Two Sauvage Guitars custom wood pickups

Bridge output: 13.8K ohm

Neck output: 7.8K ohm

Polished 500ko Emerson Pro CTS pots

Individual bridge pickup

Individual neck pickup

One master tone

Russian paper-in-oil capacitors

Custom made magnet-locked back plate


Body natural finish

Top & Headstock Facel Vega’s “Tudor Gray”


Original piece of olive ash burl wood

“Levitation” display stand

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