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NAMM2017 We stopped by our friends at Relish Guitars to check out their wild “Phantom Jane” concept guitar model equipped with some seriously unique features! It’s best to watch the video above to get an idea of what this one’s all about. Although originally designed as a NAMM showpiece, we’re working closesly with Relish to help get these available to the public! Stay tuned to our blog for official release information and pricing. You can also call or email us to reserve yours  at 516-626-9292 //



With Auto-Tune for Guitar, tuning your guitar is a breeze. You can tune all six strings instantly with the push of a button (no motors or gears required). Simply strum the strings, trigger String Tune via a button or an external controller, and your guitar is instantly in tune. It’s really that simple.


GTC Sound Innovations unveils the REVPAD, the world’s first wireless touchpad effects controller and ultra-dynamic sound processor that turns any guitar into a smart guitar. Based on GTC TouchFX patented technology, the REVPAD is about to shake up the music world.

Wireless touchpad effects controller and ultra-dynamic sound processor that turns any guitar into a smart guitar. Based on GTC’s TouchFX patented technology, the REVPAD.


You can get screaming feedback sustain at any volume at home, in the studio, or on stage. You can “morph” the sustained string vibration into cool-sounding harmonics during a solo, by using the Harmonic Mode control. This allows you to give your solos character and originality in a way that was previously only possible by getting feedback from your amp at dangerously loud levels. It is similar to amp feedback, except that the feedback sustain is more predictable and much easier to achieve..


Featuring uncompromised sound quality, rugged reliability and an easy-to-use design, Relay® G70 and G75 guitar wireless systems offer capabilities that wired cables and traditional wireless systems can’t match. Enjoy pure guitar tone thanks to industry-leading audio specs and the lowest latency of any digital wireless system..

Phantom Jane has a Relay TB516B built in. You can either play wireless or plug in a standard 1/4″ guitar cable.


Handle the Pickups through our Relish Touch Sensor Switch.
LED lights show you the current status.


Phantom Jane runs by standard 9V batteries. If you plug in a standard 1/4″ guitar cable, the guitar is automatically turned ON. In case you want to play wireless, turn on Phantom Jane with the master on/off switch. Also turn on the Line6 transmitter and you’re good to rock.


Steinberger Gearless tuners (PJ #1)
Graph Tech Ratio tuners (PJ #2

Relish “Phantom Jane”