Keeley Germanium Super Phat Mod

Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: New for 2018 - Keeley Electronics has announced a reissue of the cool Super Phat Mod Germanium Overdrive! Available at the Music Zoo! Gearheads were banging down Keeley's door for another run of these pedals, and they delivered! The reissue is exactly the same as the original - so we know you'll dig it!

Check out Keeley's description and demo video below, check out our Keeley section on our website, or contact our sales team today to reserve yours - they will only be made in limited numbers!

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Keeley's Description

The Super Phat Mod GE is a wonderfully complex circuit that has many layers of tube amp simulation.  It is dynamic and expressive and captures many tones that guitar players love.  We have added a small gain germanium amplifier right after the tone stack to simulate a tube power amp section that has plates so hot they're almost red.  The result is a more aggressively voiced overdrive with a spongy compression and fuzz that only germanium transistors give. The Super Phat Mod delivers incredible dynamics, full range and very responsive nuance. The phrase "transparent overdrive" was born of this design! From country, to blues and rock the Phat Mod is the choice for those not wanting the over-refined sound of a common screamer. Set the gain high and let your guitar's volume control or your pick attack do the work. With the Super Phat Mod you now have all of our refinements, the very best of tone-shaping electronics, and modern features like true-bypass.


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