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Winter NAMM 2018: Strandberg recently treated The Music Zoo and it's mailing list members to a NAMM 2018 preview and a ton of other cool news items! We figured we'd pass along the info - as we can't contain our excitement for NAMM! The Music Zoo is a proud Strandberg Guitars dealers! Check out our current stock here!

Strandberg Newsletter

NAMM 2018 Preview - Meet the "Frankenbergs"!

With a few premium quality parts lying around the Custom Shop due to changed and/or cancelled orders, we've configured a few of these miscellaneous parts in the best way possible to create the "Frankenbergs". These guitars have the same quality as a normal custom shop, just with specs that weren't entirely planned. These instruments will be on sale at NAMM, more details to be unveiled towards the show. Here are a few photos of the Frakenbergs below:

Strandberg New Models


NAMM 2018 Preview - Touching Bass

After 1st unveiling the prototype back at NAMM 2016, we have some good news and some bad news; the good news is that you WILL see a bass this year at NAMM, the bad news its the same Bass as before. However, the Boden bass will be touched up with a nice finish as well as upgraded electronics. We will also have some very special news to come along with this prototype... stay tuned for the announcement at NAMM!

Strandberg Bass


NAMM 2018 Preview - Made to Measure and Custom Shop Updates, plus and Other New Guitars

Without spilling all the beans, we've got some EXTREMELY exciting products and announcements to share with you all at NAMM. First, we'll finally unveil some significant changes with the Made to Measure program, provide some updates to the custom shop and also show you something BRAND new never done before by .strandberg*. Unfortunately we can't give away the surprise until NAMM, but in the mean time to hold you over here are some photos of some of the Private Stock Made to Measure neck-through guitars that will be on display for the show:

Strandberg CustomStrandberg Custom 1
Strandberg Custom 2Strandberg Custom 3
Strandberg Custom 4Strandberg Custom 5
Strandberg Custom 6Strandberg Custom 7


NAMM 2018 Preview - Very Special Performance by Plini and Yvette Young at Alvas

Strandberg NAMM Flyer

.strandberg* signature artist Plini will be teaming up with Bassist Mohini Dey and Drummer Marco Minnemann to host two specials evenings of music at the Alvas Showroom! Extra special guest .strandberg* Resident Artist Yvette Young and her band Covet will be joining to open the set.

Below are the links to the two performances where you can purchase your tickets (night 1 in our Instagram profile bio). Seating and tickets are EXTREMELY limited so don't wait to purchase! Hope to see you all there!

Night 1, 1/27/18:

Night 2, 1/28/18:


New Deluxe Toolkits in the Shop, Now Available for Purchase

Strandberg ToolkitStrandberg Toolkit 1

We now have some new handy toolkits that contain all the proper tools needed to care for your .strandberg*, including a very nice high quality hardened steel wire cutters that safely cuts all gauges of strings. Keep an eye out for these toolkits arriving at The Music Zoo!

.strandberg* Associate Artist Program - New Additions

Strandberg Artists

We'd like to take a moment to acknowledge a few new members of the .strandberg* associate artist progm: Please help us welcome these talented artists to our roster!

.stranberg* Spark

Strandberg Spark

Over the past few months, we're been developing a special community project to develop both a 'Street Team' and a content engine, which was called codename: Spark. This project is a highly ambitious program that seeks the participation of not just guitarists, but all artist and anyone who is creative. We have chosen a Chairman to lead this project, Mr. Brock Benzel, who will be the director of the street team as well as guide for the content engine in which everyone is encouraged to participate. And by 'everyone', we literally mean EVERYONE (that's you reading as well). There is even a reward system for those who contribute the best content to the content engine. All the details/info on this program will be unveiled in the days shortly before NAMM, stay tuned!

.strandberg* 2018 Calendar

Strandberg Calendar

The immensely talented Christine Lanusse has put together a set of calendars from the Instagram account that she runs. Each set includes printing instructions for your desk or wall! Be sure to follow for daily inspiration of beautiful guitars and amazing photography.

There are 5 sets of calendars with the following themes:
1 – Animals
2 – Colors
3 – Mountains
4 – Seaside
5 – Water

In addition, Christine is also just completing some inspiring smart phone wall paper which will be available very shortly, stay tuned to our social pages for those details.

To view and download the free calendars, hit the link here:

We can't wait to show you all the many incredible things we have in store for NAMM and 2018, it was difficult to not ruin the surprise with this Newsletter. But as they say good things come to people to who wait, the wait will not be long before you get to see all the excited things we've been working very hard to make a reality in 2018. Until then, Happy New Year and Cheers from the entire .strandberg* team!

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