Strandberg boden 6 neck thru

Neck-thru Boden Strandbergs are Headed to The Music Zoo in 2020!

Strandberg has revealed it's new neck-thru Boden models, resulting in a more resonant and full tone from the headless instrument. From the choice of woods to the finish, every detail was meticulously considered and implemented during the development of the Boden Neck-Thru. Due to its unique construction, slightly different wood combinations were used to maximize the sonic potential of the design. The result is a big full sound not characteristic of most neck-thru-body guitars.

The finishing techniques and processes were also carefully thought out to emphasize the sleek and pleasing visual aesthetics of the industrial design. Through nearly two years of development and numerous prototypes, the Boden Neck-Thru has now been perfected to an instrument that has no peer in the industry. Watch the video below for a preview of the Strandberg Boden Fusion neck-thru! Contact us today to pre-order yours!

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