The Music Zoo is a proud dealer of Fuzzrocious pedals, handbuilt by Ryan Ratajski along with his family in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Fuzzrocious effects are built for those looking to stand out from the pack with something that’s louder, meaner, and sometimes quirkier than the rest.

Fuzzrocious is the definition of a family business, where Ryan designs the circuits as well as builds the pedals, while his talented wife Shannon often hand-paints the pedals with customized artwork, and their children Kaeden and Raeven also get their fun on, hand-painting custom enclosures with their own wacky ideas. The pedals that the Music Zoo (and all other dealers) receive feature screen-printed art to keep wait times down.

Whether you’re looking for a solid overdrive like the Demon (which with its gate/boost or feedback mods can also be dirty as hell), or something more left-field like the deep decaying Afterlife reverb, there’s definitely something for everyone in the Fuzzrocious catalog. Come on down to the Zoo and check them out.

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Demon Overdrive 

The Afterlife

Anomalies Delay


Grey Stache

Cat King

Cat Tail

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