We’re excited to have a load of cool amplifiers from Roland, including the new Jazz Chorus and Blues Cube! Available as the JC-120, JC-40, and JC-22, the Roland Jazz Chorus is back boasting everything that we loved about the original. The JC-22, a scaled down version of the JC-120, brings you all of your favorite JC-120 tones into an ultra-portable package! This versatile stereo amp is also great for intimate performances and recording. A high-quality reverb complements the onboard chorus, and there’s also a stereo input on the front panel for plugging in modelers, multi-effects, and stereo stomps. Built to the same standards of sound and durability that the long-running amp series is noted for, the JC-22 makes legendary JC tone more accessible than ever.

The reinvented Blues Cube series launches the classic 1×12 combo amp into a new era, combining genuine tube sound and response with modern reliability and easy portability. Going far beyond modeling, Roland’s Tube Logic design philosophy starts with carefully reproducing the inner workings of the revered tweed-era tube amp in every way, from guitar input to speaker output. Versatile clean and crunch channels can be used independently or combined for a complex range of tones, while variable output power modes let you dial in burning, full-throttle sound at any volume.

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