The 2016 Gibson Acoustic model lineup is here, straight from the Bozeman, Montana luthiers! All the classic Gibson acoustics you’ve come to know, and love, are included among the 26 models of the 2016 line. Several of the models are available in different versions, like for example the vintage line with thermally aged tops. You’ll find smoother fingerboard edges, upgraded pickups on applicable models, and all-new 2016 truss rod covers. But most important, the sound is still the same that guitarists around the world have come to expect from Gibson’s wide range of acoustic guitars.

When you look at the 2016 line of acoustic guitars, you’ll soon notice how the J-45 is easily the model with the most different versions available (seven to be exact). Known as the “The Workhorse” it is perhaps not surprising that the J-45 would warrant so many different iterations. There is the J-45 Vintage which has a thermally aged top to bring out that Gibson Acoustic vintage sound. The J-45 Progressive sports a tune-o-matic bridge, and Gibson’s G Force tuning system. The J-45 Custom sports a Rosewood back, and beautiful mother-of-pearl floral inlays on the headstock. Of course you can also pick up a J-45 Standard, which comes with an upgraded LR Baggs pickup, and all of the 2016 upgrades, like softened fingerboard edges, and Plek setup.

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J-45 Vintage


J-45 Progressive


J-45 Custom


J-45 Standard



The SJ-200 has been loved and played by guitarists as diverese as Pete Townshend, Sheryl Crow, and Aaron Lewis of Staind. This mustasche-clad classic comes in two versions – the SJ-200 Standard, and the Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition. The SJ-200 Standard is available in both a Antique Natural, and Vintage Sunburst finished Sitka Spruce top. Just like with the J-45, the instrument comes with an upgraded pickup, this time it’s an LR Baggs Anthem. The Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition, is based on Dylan’s personal guitar, and feature dual pickguards with a floral design pattern. The top is made from Adirondack Red Spruce, and finished in Vintage Sunburst, with a Flame Maple back.

SJ-200 Standard


 Bob Dylan SJ-200 Player’s Edition


Gibson recently devoted an entire feature to the Gibson Hummingbird, highlighting some of its most famous owners. Surely, if the Hummingbird was worthy for recording such Rolling Stones classics like “Jumping Jack Flash,” and “Street Fighting Man,” they must be on to something good here, right? The 2016 Gibson Acoustic line contain the Hummingbird Standard, and the Hummingbird Vintage. The Standard has all the 2016 appointments, and enhancements already mentioned, and of course the classic pickguard featuring a hummingbird and floral design is right there on the Sitka Spruce Heritage Cherry Sunburst top. The Hummingbird Vintage comes with a thermally aged Sitka Spruce top, where the aging process of the wood has been replicated on the cellular level to accurately replicate the sound of a classic Gibson Acoustic.

Hummingbird Standard


Hummingbird Vintage


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