Swope guitars are at The Zoo ready for you to pick up and play! These cool guitars are made by luthier Chris Swope, whose spent years developing his guitar building skills alongside Roger Sedowski at his shop in New York, as well as putting in a few years at the Gibson Custom Shop. So it’s safe to say Chris Swope has been on the block for a minute or two. His guitar-making skills are definitely second-to-none, and can be seen in the Swope Geronimo as well as his other models.  The Geronimo features a removable control plate (to better access electronics), a big, solid bolt-on Maple neck, a retro-futuristic body style, and Swope-made pickups that are hi-fi clean but also deliver a range of familiar and unique tones. A “Funk Bump” switch clicks in some immediate funk-friendly tones that filter out the low end.

The Geronimo is available for purchase here! Be sure to watch the video above of JD Simo tearin’ things up on his own Swope Geronimo!


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