Top 10 The Music Zoo Stratocasters

A Vintage '61 Sunburst, Custom Shop Masterbuilt by Greg Fessler, Custom Shop '67 Relic, and much more!

We're compiling a crowd favorite this week as we count down the best Fender Stratocasters we've got in stock!  Feast your eyes on a '61 Sunburst, Custom Shop Strat Masterbuilt by Greg Fessler, a Custom Shop '67 Relic, and much more! Scroll below to see what else made the countdown, and be sure to browse our latest additions to our inventory here!


1. 1961 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst


Top 10 Strats The Music Zoo


2. Fender Custom Shop 1955 Stratocaster Masterbuilt Greg Fessler



3. Fender Custom Shop '67 Stratocaster Relic



4. Fender Custom Shop '56 Stratocaster Heavy Relic



5. Fender Custom Shop Todd Krause Masterbuilt Clapton



6. Fender Custom Shop Stevie Ray Vaughan Number One Masterbuilt John Cruz



7. Fender Custom ZF Stratocaster The Music Zoo Exclusive



8. Fender Custom Shop 1957 Stratocaster Heavy Relic Desert Sand



9. Fender Custom Shop '65 Stratocaster



10. Fender Rarities Flame Top Stratocaster



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