We’re very excited to see the 2016 Mid-Year Limited Editions from Fender Custom Shop, and are even more excited to get them in our hands and plugged in! Among them are a few cool relic’d Strats and Teles, along with some slick guitars with unique features. Each Custom Shop Limited Edition instrument is only available for a short time, which makes it eminently collectible and adds to its investment value. Crafted with many features reserved only for certain artists and master-built instruments, they are just what the name says they are: highly anticipated limited-edition models that go very quickly. Scroll below to view the list of them all!

Limited Edition “59 Special” Strat® – Journeyman Relic®

Limited Edition Heavy Relic® El Diablo Strat®

Limited Edition Relic® H/S Strat®

Limited Edition ’50s Thinline Tele® – Relic®

Limited Edition Heavy Relic® H/S Tele®

Limited Edition Artisan Tele® Caballo Tono Ligero – KOA Ancho Poblano Stratocaster®

Limited Edition 1958 Closet Classic Jazzmaster®

Limited Edition Heavy Relic® Tele®

Caballo Tono Ligero Limited Edition Heavy Relic®

Mischief Maker Limited Edition 1956 Relic®

Stratocaster® Limited 1967 Closet Classic Smuggler’s Telecaster® 


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