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B&G Guitars Debuts New Caletta Acoustics, Handcrafted, Offering Various Tonewood Options!

B&G has announced the release of their new Caletta acoustic guitars, set to display at NAMM 2019! When designing the Caletta, B&G's aim was to create a guitar with the great tone of a quality vintage instrument, achieving unsurpassed playability and striking a perfect balance between lightweight construction and structural integrity. Starting with our choice of woods, our soundboards are made of either old growth Sitka Spruce or Genuine Mahogany, which have been air dried for over twenty years.

B&G Caletta Acoustic's Unique Body Size and Neck Joint

The Caletta’s unique combination of ergonomic measurements truly takes it to the next level. The unique body size is small enough to comfortably wrap yourself around, yet not too small as to lose proper bass response. The Narrow nut and wide bridge string spacing allow for easy right-hand picking while retaining left hand relaxed positioning. Their signature soft V neck profile gives itself to various hand and thumb positions equally well.

The Caletta unique neck joint is designed for optimal strength, durability and sound. The neck block is made with an extended “tongue” along the back, effectively locking the neck angle in; and the neck is set into the body using a deep tenon, the gluing surface of which is about four times that of a traditional dovetail joint.

B&G Caletta Acoustic Guitar Specs & Features

  • Various tone-wood options, including Mahogany, Pau Ferro, Ziricote, and Koa
  • Unique 14 5/8” body size and proprietary neck joint
  • Traditional X-pattern scalloped bracing, hand tuned upon assembly for optimal sound
  • 20-year plus air dried Sitka Spruce or genuine mahogany top
  • 24 ¾’’ scale length with 12’’ radius
  • 19 Frets on a B&G Soft V neck shape
  • Gloss or matte nitrocellulose finish
  • Hide glue for superior tonal transfer

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