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As a part of the Ernie Ball Music Man Premier Dealer Network, we’re presenting you with new limited-edition models from Music Man, showcasing the highest level of quality and workmanship inherent to all our instruments. Starry Night, the all-new series for 2016 features an exclusive limited edition sparkle burst finish. The package also includes a figured, roasted maple neck with stainless steel frets atop an unmarked ebony fretboard – a first from Ernie Ball Music Man.

These limited-edition models will be available to order on all Music Man models except Armada, JPX through JP16 6/7 string, JP BFR 6/7 string, Game Changers, and StingRay 40th Anniversary.

These will only be available through Ernie Ball Music Man Premier Dealers, so pre-order yours now from The Music Zoo to secure one for yourself!

Call 516-626-9292 or email to pre-order!


Limited edition “Starry Night” sparkle burst finish


Figured, roasted neck finished with gunstock oil and wax


Unmarked ebony fretboard with stainless steel frets


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