Paul Riario from Guitar World provides us with an informative demonstration of the Danelectro ’64 guitar! Danelectro has offered an impressive variety of guitars since Evets Corporation resurrected the Danelectro name in the late Nineties.

Most of these models were inspired by various Danelectro or associated brand models (like Silvertone, Coral, etc.), although a few examples had a distinctive offset body shape similar to a Mosrite, albeit with the relatively straightforward construction attributes of other Danelectro models.

This year Danelectro completely broke the mold with the introduction of the Danelectro 64, which offers many of the more sophisticated details of an original Mosrite, including the German carved top, offset large single-coil pickup, zero fret, Bigsby tremolo and more. 

The Danelectro ’64 is available here!




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